November 19, 2012


Velvet manicure update...

The trend is spreading...and now with embellishments!

Donuts and bows

My friends keep texting me pictures of their awesome hair trends and sadly, I can't take part because of my membership in the "bob for life" club.  I can look from afar though:) First up, my friend Lauren surprised me with her latest Pinterest discovery, the hair bow. Looks pretty awesome and so perfect for the holidays:

Next, is the hair donut that seems to be super popular. I think it's pretty funny but lots of ladies seem to be sporting it.

Chick magnet

My newest magnetic nail polish acquisition is Sinful Colors in "It's Electric". I haven't really been feeling the magnetic nail polish trend but saw this for only 4.99 and thought it was worth the chance.

First off, the magnet is practically glued into the top, and I quite literally nearly lost a nail trying to pull it off from the bottle cap. I put on a thin layer and then placed the magnet above my thumbnail immediately. The polish was decently opaque in one coat, except... nothing happened. I did one more thin coat (nice thing about magnetic polishes) and tried again. The magnet finally started working but it wasn't super even like in the pictures. Nevertheless, I'm intrigued and practice makes perfect, right?

What I envisioned....


October 23, 2012

Such a Grandma

I'm watching CNN with my cat while eating Halloween candy basically  I'm  80 and 5 at the same time. With that self revelation, I realize that I have no justification for the things that I'm into these days. 

What's on my radar this month:
The clerk at Sports Basement was ringing me up and sporting this super adorable Cupcake Beanie. I didn't know if it was crazy hat day at SB or maybe just getting in the mood for Halloween, but her awesome hat style made my day and I'm considering the small investment!

Ok, maybe it would look cuter on my niece.

Cutest cupcake beanie

Taylor Swift's new CD came out yesterday and is it weird that I was so excited?  She also has cute Keds at Nordies that would be perfect to sport the Nantucket Kennedy style that I'm always into.

Taylor Swift's Keds at Nordies

Lastly, I was super excited to find PJ Salvage's cupcake robe at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago. I was even more excited to see that Rachel was wearing it on Glee in the season premiere last month! Quite the cosmic connection if I do say so:)

PJ Salvage cozy cupcake robe

Velvet Manicure

I was flipping through October's issue of O Magazine for a little inspiration and came across the newest thing in the nail world, the velvet manicure. Well, maybe it's not the newest thing ,but new to me at least. I was instantly intrigued and searched on Sephora to see what it's all about. The reviews look good. Once pay day comes,  I'll have to try it out:) Let me know if you do, too!

Ciate Velvet Manicure

September 15, 2012

Rock the polka dots

This fall, I'm totally "rockin' the polka dots"! It all started when I fell in love with the lining of my Kate Spade purse two years ago! Ever since, the polka dot obsession has intensified. Not only does my purse icon and fellow Kappa, Kate Spade, love polka dots, but to make matters worse, my favorite TV show is the New Girl and the main character, Jess Day, also loves the polka dots! In the last month, these are my polka dot purchases:
The purse lining that started it all!

Gap dot shirt

"I brake for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. I spend my entire day talking to children. And I find it fundamentally strange that you're not a dessert person. That's just weird, and it freaks me out. And I'm sorry I don't talk like Murphy Brown. And I hate your pantsuit. I wish it had ribbons on it or something to make it just slightly cuter. And that doesn't mean I'm not smart and tough and strong." 
Jess Day- New Girl

The polka dot case that hasn't been used...because I have yet to get an iphone!!
The polka dot top from Old Navy that I wore on what was a first -and last date! :(

A new favorite...

Serendipity brought me a new friend three weeks ago. Hello, Hillary Rodham Kitten! She is my new favorite thing and coincidentally, Hill is also glamour girl who loves all things beauty. She loves to hang out in the bathroom with me and gaze into the mirror while I'm doing my hair in the morning. Hillary also steals my mascara and nail polishes! Evidence below!

I love Bare Escentuals Buxom mascara, too!

July 26, 2012

Nails for a Bachelorette!

Like most girls, I'm always tuned in to each week of the Bachelorette. Since every guy seems to LOVE Emily Maynard, I decided that I need to follow any beauty tips she may have! That's when I became obsessed with her whitish/pink nail polish that she wears through the whole season! I did some research and found out that Emily wore Essie Brand polish in "Fiji" during the season with Brad. She also loves CNDc Shellac Nails in Romantique, which looks gorg!  Would love to know what you think!I've been getting lots of compliments on the color, perhaps I'm on my way to being the next bachelorette! :)

Stitch Fix

My super trendy friend, Alicia,  was raving about her newest find- Stitch Fix, over lunch last week. I was instantly excited, but also sad-that it wasn't me that thought of this awesome idea! Members of Stitch Fix, create an online account and then answer a slew of questions designed to tease out their preferences in style, color, fabric and price. The company, which partners with more than 100 brands, then mails customers five clothing and accessory items that are carefully chosen by stylists according to those preferences. It's like Birchbox for your closet! You pay $20 per month, but that then goes towards the clothes that you choose to keep and you send the rest back. There's also a facebook page to take pictures of your outfits, and I haven't seen any duplicate items from Stitch Fix users! It's a personal shopper that comes right to your door. I'm anxiously awaiting my August fix!

Sign up here:

June 21, 2012

Love or Lose? Summer nail trends

Summer's best nail looks have been popping up everywhere.The biggest trends I've been seeing is the so fun highlight finger and neon nails. 

I didn't want to waste the cost of a manicure on a trend that I wasn't so sure I was ready to first thing's first-conquer the DIY manicure. My friend Lauren is great at doing her own nails and gave me a few pointers. The biggest tip she gave was to lie in bed and let your nails dry as you fall asleep at night. It has taken some practice but I seem to be making progress and saving some $$. Here is my first attempt at the neon mani:
Next up, I'm going to try the new trend of painting your ring finger different than the rest of your nails, otherwise known as the mix mani. I have reservations about this but color blocking is in so it might be worth the try. Would you rock this trend?

Super Chic!

The one glitter nail is definitely doable!

Perfect for a summer wedding!

April 22, 2012

Trader Joe's Trinkets

Oh the trinkets you can find at TJ's. My friend Lisa got me hooked on the all natural Lavender body oil and body scrub from Trader Joe's. It is pure relaxation for only $5. Not only does it smell amazing, but it's inexpensive and a little goes a long way. Cheap Zen--just what I need! The oil is a must have to put on your feet before bed and the scrub is great to use in the shower a few times per week. Enjoy!

April 3, 2012

BB creams- newest beauty buzz

If you haven’t already heard some of the buzz on BB creams, you will — you’ll be seeing a lot of them over the next several months.So, what are BB creams? If you think of this stuff as a miracle cream, you’ll be underwhelmed. But if you think of it as a one-step makeup time saver — great. BB creams are multi-taskers that combine skincare ingredients with moisturizer, primer, foundation and SPF.

After reading countless reviews and recommendations, I was still pretty hesitant to jump on the BB bandwagon.  As many of you know, I don't really need any more makeup tubes in my makeup drawer and I'm hesitant with trying out new foundations without testing it out first...

However, when I saw the Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream staring back at me from the shelves of my local CVS - at a reasonable $12.99 - I figured I had to give it a shot, right?  And the verdict is in...I'm in love!  This product takes the place of a moisturizer, primer and foundation in one, shortening my morning routine by a mile.  It also actually gives really nice, buildable coverage.  That says a lot coming from a medium to full coverage foundation girl.  It also keeps my T-zone from looking shiny and sets up to a beautiful, satin finish that holds up incredibly well throughout the day.

March 19, 2012