January 23, 2012

Dry Shampoo Debate

Apparently, overwashing your hair can dry it out and cause hair color to fade. To preserve your color and maintain moisturized, sleek hair, it is best to wash your hair only 2-3 times per week. Are you kidding me? I nearly wash my hair everyday and it is SO tedious to blow it dry when I'm in a hurry!!  

Cue dry shampoo! if you’re strapped for time and you need to freshen up your locks (after the gym, snoozing too many times), dry shampoo serves as a fantastic option. Modern, busy women swear by dry shampoos! I've been experimenting with dry shampoo for the last year and am still undecided. When I heard of dry shampoo, I decided to try it out immediately! I will try anything if it allows a few extra minutes of sleep time in the morning. Plus, when my hair appears greasy, it’s usually only the roots that need to be refreshed. Applying a dry shampoo effectively soaks up any oil and dirt, leaving your hair looking refreshed and clean.

There are basically two types of dry shampoos: ones that come in a loose powder form and ones that come in an aerosol can form. Powder dry shampoos can be applied directly on to the scalp from the bottle and either brushed through or massaged in using your fingers.  My preference is the aerosol dry shampoo that can be sprayed directly onto the scalp from a few inches away. Here are the ones I've tried:

My sister gave this to me to try out and I wasn't very impressed. It has a great lemon scent but goes on your hair like baby powder, so unless you're really blonde, I think it shows on your scalp.

Oscar Blandi read my mind because they came out with a spray for brunettes. I like this one although it's pretty expensive and I feel like you need to use a lot for it to be effective.

The perfect find! Suave came out with this dry shampoo during the summer and I bought it to try it out- only $3.49! I love it and for the price, I use it lavishly! 

The link for the Suave dry shampoo is below. Try it out and let's continue the debate!


For the love of Ulta

Ulta is definitely on my list of favorite stores! They literally have EVERYTHING! It's like being in Sephora, Target, and a beauty supply all in one! I have to brace myself before walking into the heavenly doors because the adrenaline starts pumping right away! Even better than shopping at Ulta, is shopping at Ulta when they have big coupons! This week you can get 20% off your whole purchase! Wholly Guacamole! That's awesome! Check the link:

January 17, 2012

Smells like Roses

Meet Smith's Rosebud Salve. My friend Megan introduced me to it during our master's program and it's definitely my new salvation. Not only does it smell like fresh picked roses, but it has a light pink hue for your lips and moisturizes on these cold winter days. 
While getting my favorite latte in Starbucks, a lady stopped me with Rosebud in hand and told me that her grandma used to wear it (great). Apparently, it's been around since the 1890's... oh well...I still think of it as a new discovery. You can get it at Sephora or Amazon and a little goes a long way. It comes in a tube or tin...you can thank Megan and me later.


January 16, 2012

Cuticles come first

A few months ago I called my friend Katie in Texas to chat but she was sitting at a restaurant with her fiance. I told we could talk after she ate and she responded, "That's ok, I'm just putting my cuticle oil on." That's weird I thought to myself, but was intrigued by her beauty secret that she was about to reveal to me. As she disclosed her latest addiction, Avoplex, I ran to Ulta to try it out for myself. Of course I was sold... because friends always know best!

Avoplex cuticle oil to go should be in everyone's purse, desk, and bedside. It moisturizes and conditions cuticles and nails with OPI's exclusive avocado lipid complex. This little wonder treatment is convenient to carry in your handbag/wallet, and easy to use on the go! Not only does it treat dry cuticles, which is a huge problem for me, but softens the appearance of ragged or very dry cuticles. You just lightly squeeze the tube until the gel primes out, dab a bit on the cuticle of each nail, and massage into the cuticle and up your fingers - don't need much; and, the tube lasts for months. I also tried it on my dad and he was impressed! Yes, you might get strange looks as you apply your cuticle oil on the airplane, but those fellow passengers are just jealous that they don't have soft cuticles like you:)

January 15, 2012

Birchbox Love

So my dear friend Liz knows me so well that she gave me a super unique and fun birthday gift back in November. She had heard of this company, Birchbox, on our morning favorite- The Today Show, and knew it was right up my alley. By signing up for a membership, Birchbox delivers luxe beauty samples to your door each month. It's the perfect idea- find out what you love before you buy, and then buy with confidence. I get so excited when the pink box arrives in my mail each month, and it has 10 samples for me to try out! So far, I've loved the Zoya nail polish and Full Thickening Cream by Living Proof. I wish I had thought of this idea on my own-brilliant!

An exciting day when my Birchbox comes!
Zoya nail polish in Kendal

Thickening cream by Living Proof

Super Scrubby Brush

One of my favorite purchases from 2011 was the amazing Oil of Olay Pro X brush (Aka, super scrubby brush)! This was one of the secrets from the mom in my class that really has changed my morning routine for the better! I keep it in the shower and it feels like a daily facial and definitely has improved the texture of my skin. A few of my friends also got on the scrubby brush train and they love it too! You can buy it at Costco or the link on Amazon is below. Let me know if you try it out:)

The birth of a beauty blog!

The idea of this blog has been percolating in my head for quite a few months now. An avid lover of beauty products, I’m always curious as to what products my friend use and what secrets lie deep inside their makeup bag.
It all began last spring when a mom in my 4th grade class sat in front of me at the parent-teacher conference. Only a few years older than me, with her hands full at home with five kids under the age of 9, I couldn’t get over how beautiful her skin was and how she hardly had any makeup on! I quickly told the other teachers that I would get to the bottom of her beauty secrets—and forever share these secrets with the world!!
Fast-forward a few weeks to our annual fourth grade trip to the gold country! As the moms and teachers sat around reading magazines one afternoon (don’t worry, the kids were busy learning with the historians), I took my chance and asked the same mom to divulge her beauty secrets! All of the ladies had their eyes fixed on her, wanting to know what she did and how she did it! Ah ha! It wasn’t just me…we were all dying to know! I started writing down all her recommendations lickety-split and emailed the product list to the group of ladies as soon as we got home!
So here I am now, sharing all my beauty trials and tribulations …with a few favorite things as well! I hope you enjoy.