February 26, 2012

Everyday to Evening Eyes

 My dear friend Lisa had a beauty secret that I was eager to try when I could hear the excitement in her voice as she was explaining her new favorite beauty line, Lorac. I have a few eye shadows from Lorac and have always been pleased but not overly impressed, wasn't ready to frolic in this new venture. This all changed when I tried the Everyday to Evening eye kit at Ulta. Not only do you get an eyeshadow trio, eyeliner, lipgloss, blush, and mascara-It even comes with tutorial cards on how to do a "daytime look" and then make it "pop" for an evening out! Anyone who wants an easy approach to eye makeup should buy this! The mascara is also a "must" and is up there on my favorite list!

The "day" look done in a jiffy!


February 12, 2012

At home manicure

I have a new goal to master the at home manicure because it could save me so much money if I learned how to do it just right.  Well, I found a new polish that has really helped me achieve my goals:) I love the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line of polishes. The colors are bold and polish dries smoothly. The brush has a wide flat shape which works so much better than the traditional round shaped nail polish brush. The polish wears well and is very chip resistant and lasts as long as a manicure! Try it yourself:)

I will always love you!

I can't have a blog about my favorite things without paying tribute to my childhood hero, Whitney Houston. My adoration for Whitney peaked when "The Bodyguard" came out in 1993. I don't know why my parents let me see a rated R movie, but so glad they did because I became majorly obsessed. I convinced my parents to take me to see Whitney's "I Will Always Love You" tour in Sacramento and my bedroom walls were covered with Whitney posters. Sadly, the obsession faded when she went off the deep end. Still, my dreams of wearing turtleneck beaded and velvet dresses like Whitney and cutting my hair like hers will never die...I'll miss you Whitney! 

One of her best turtleneck dresses!

Hand TLC

Looking for some TLC for your dry, winter hands? Look no further than Aveda's Hand Relief Cream. I've been using free samples of it for years but finally broke down and bought the spendy tube this past fall for $20. Fortunately, a little goes a long way and months later I think it's worth every penny.

Since I'm a germophobic teacher, I'm constantly washing my hands in the classroom so I keep a small one in my purse and the larger one at home. It's very thick but soaks in well and is not greasy. It instantly softens my hands and has a unique scent that leaves me addicted.