November 19, 2012


Velvet manicure update...

The trend is spreading...and now with embellishments!

Donuts and bows

My friends keep texting me pictures of their awesome hair trends and sadly, I can't take part because of my membership in the "bob for life" club.  I can look from afar though:) First up, my friend Lauren surprised me with her latest Pinterest discovery, the hair bow. Looks pretty awesome and so perfect for the holidays:

Next, is the hair donut that seems to be super popular. I think it's pretty funny but lots of ladies seem to be sporting it.

Chick magnet

My newest magnetic nail polish acquisition is Sinful Colors in "It's Electric". I haven't really been feeling the magnetic nail polish trend but saw this for only 4.99 and thought it was worth the chance.

First off, the magnet is practically glued into the top, and I quite literally nearly lost a nail trying to pull it off from the bottle cap. I put on a thin layer and then placed the magnet above my thumbnail immediately. The polish was decently opaque in one coat, except... nothing happened. I did one more thin coat (nice thing about magnetic polishes) and tried again. The magnet finally started working but it wasn't super even like in the pictures. Nevertheless, I'm intrigued and practice makes perfect, right?

What I envisioned....